Amazon Flex

Delivering 10,000 food packages to homebound Singaporeans in need

In support of The Food Bank Singapore, Amazon donates delivery services to provide meals and groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Communities around the world are facing the COVID-19 pandemic together and we believe Amazon has a critical role to play for Singaporeans to get the food items they need, without leaving their homes. Leveraging our robust Amazon Flex delivery network, we will donate the delivery of an expected 10,000 food packages for The Food Bank Singapore to help provide thousands of meals and grocery staples to homebound Singaporeans in need by the end of June.

The Food Bank Singapore provides, prepares, and packages meals and grocery essentials like rice, pasta, and canned goods, while Amazon Flex delivery partners collect the food packages, and make “no-contact” deliveries directly to the doorsteps of homebound recipients.

Running since 2012, The Food Bank Singapore exists to ensure Singapore’s vulnerable communities have access to the food they need, especially during these times of uncertainty. Typically, the nonprofit relies on a roster of dedicated onsite volunteers to help fulfil their mission – but COVID-19 changed everything, requiring the vast majority of volunteers to stay at home, and the organization to seek new ways of providing food to those who need it.

How Amazon food deliveries are making a difference to Singaporeans at home

By Jameson Chow, Operations Manager, The Food Bank Singapore

Singapore has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has caused a 180 degree change in the way The Food Bank Singapore operates. With the Circuit Breaker in place, we’ve seen our typical onsite volunteerism rates drop approximately 80% in just a few weeks – we’re a facility that exists to feed anyone in need, but what happens when your community can no longer get to you because they’re stuck at home? Amazon has helped us solve a considerable logistical challenge, by supporting us with contact-free deliveries of grocery essentials.

Through our collaboration with Amazon Flex, The Food Bank Singapore is now able to offer our community reliable delivery of meals and grocery essentials – a total game changer during a high-stress time of need for so many Singaporeans at home. Now that we can rely on the Amazon Flex team’s donated delivery services, we have fulfilled more than 500 food package deliveries on some days – a completely different world from just five to 10 packages each day prior to our work together. We’re on track to deliver an expected 10,000 food packages by the end of June. This experience has shown us where there’s a will, there’s a way – the Amazon Flex team quickly extended their global program with a no-contact pick-up and drop off mechanism for us, so that all delivery partners can contribute to the community while still abiding by safety guidelines. There’s never been a better time to step up.

The Food Bank Singapore feels immense gratitude for Amazon’s speedy response and willingness to contribute. The benefit of Amazon’s delivery excellence means we’re able to be there for our community in new and innovative ways, and do our part to ensure that no Singaporeans go hungry, even during these uncertain and stressful times.