Delivering Smiles in Singapore

Amazon X Retail for Good Wishlist

The Amazon X Retail for Good Wishlist campaign is a joint effort by Amazon Singapore and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre to encourage shoppers to donate to non-profit organizations (NPOs) by purchasing items listed on their wish lists. Retail for Good is a collaborative initiative by NVPC's Company of Good that aims to bring stakeholders in the retail and e-commerce space together to make doing good a part of daily encounters.

Why not do some good while shopping? Your donations will go a long way in benefiting underprivileged children, low-income families, and vulnerable communities. By specifying the type of items and quantity needed in the NPO’s wish list, shoppers can easily participate in donating to NPOs via a fuss-free and transparent manner. Simply click to purchase and the items will be delivered directly to the NPOs.

This collaboration builds on Amazon’s COVID-19 community outreach efforts in Singapore which includes in-kind and monetary donation to over 20 non-profit organizations in 2020. Amazon is working with Blessings in a Bag, Children’s Wishing Well, Club Rainbow, Food Bank Singapore, Singapore Red Cross, and SOSD and continues to welcome more non-profit organizations to use the wishlist function to facilitate their donation drive efforts.

Club Rainbow

Established in 1992, Club Rainbow (Singapore) (CRS) is a non-profit organisation and charity with the mission to support and empower children with chronic illnesses and their families. Armed with the firm belief that every child deserves equal opportunities to lead a fulfilling and independent life, CRS supports these children and their families through social work intervention, therapy intervention, educational support, arts and vocational development. As an independent charity, CRS relies largely on corporate partners such as Amazon and public donations to support its mission.


SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs. Our mission is to eliminate cruelty to and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improving the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy. We relies on the generosity of the public to support our care of over 500 dogs at our shelters at Sungei Tengah Road and Jurong Island. You can make a difference. Your kind donation will help in providing shelter, food, medicine, veterinary care and love to the rescued dogs.

BIAB Donation

Blessings in a Bag is an award-winning, non-profit organisation that bridges the gap between communities that have and those that don’t. Through our ‘Beyond Awesome’ programme, we support up to 90 children and youths from under-resourced communities in Singapore, each of whom will benefit directly from receiving items on our Amazon wishlist. Thank you for your support.

CWW Donation

Children’s Wishing Well (CWW) is a non-profit organisation and fully-registered charity founded in 2002. CWW’s services support more than 1,000 children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Singapore, through their educational and daily living needs, as well as equipping them with skills for their future so that they can become useful members of society and escape the poverty trap.

Foodbank Donation

The Food Bank Singapore is a registered charity founded in 2012, with the mission to end food insecurity in Singapore through redistribution of food to more than 360 member beneficiary organisations. Public can come to deposit/donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and allocated to the needy via various channels through VWOs, Charities, Soup Kitchens.

Singapore Red Cross Donation

The Singapore Red Cross is a homegrown humanitarian organisation serving the vulnerable locally and internationally. All the donations received via Amazon SG will be utilised by SRC local services and programmes.

This initiative is a part of the broader Amazon’s Delivering Smiles program which focuses on giving back to the community and serving right now needs.