On 3 September 2020, Amazon officially launched the Pet Supplies category on to meet the needs of Singapore’s furry, feathered and finned residents. In celebration of the new launch, Amazon Singapore hosted a ‘Face of Amazon Pets’ contest, which invited pet owners to post pictures or videos of their pets’ most human-like moment on Instagram to win a chance for their pet to be featured on and walk away with over $1,500 worth of prizes.

We're proud and excited to introduce to you the winners of our Face of Amazon Pets Singapore 2020 winners - Donut, Boo, Brossy, Kiu Kiu, Temel, and Toilet Brush! The ‘Face of Amazon Pets’ contest catered to the following categories of pets: Dogs; Cats; Birds; Small Animals; Fish and Aquatic Pets; Reptiles and Amphibians. One winner was chosen to represent each pet category, and amongst the six winners, one grand winner was chosen based on popular vote (most ‘likes’ on the pet’s Instagram post) to represent the overall Pet Supplies category.

Check out our winners in their holiday splendor below!

Donut 1
Donut 2
Donut 3
Donut 4

Boo 1
Boo 2
Boo 3
Boo 4
Temel 1
Temel 2
Temel 3
Temel 4
Toilet Brush 1
Toilet Brush 2
Toilet Brush 3
Toilet Brush 4
Brossy 1
Brossy 2
Brossy 3
Brossy 4
Kiu Kiu 1
Kiu Kiu 2
Kiu Kiu 3
Kiu Kiu 4

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