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8 February 2020
Comparing to what's available in store in SG, there wasn't anything even close to what you can get for the price. (Paid ~S$770. CPU performance is comparable to a 8th gen i5, GPU way more. Only real downside after using for a few days is that the battery performance is a tad short compared to others in the market today (early 2020).

Few things to note:
1. The included pen is not a Lenovo Active Pen. Taking off the battery cover, it says it's a "Lenovo Base Pen II". Couldn't find much details about it, but writes very decently. I've tried the Apple Pencil as well as the Surface Pen, and it feels very similar to a the Surface's. The one thing that is missing is angle detection, so unless you're using it for drawing, i doubt you'll have any complaints.

2. The GPU drivers on Lenovo's website is seriously out of date! If you intend to use it for any form of light gaming, be sure to grab the latest drivers directly from AMD's website. It literally doubled my FPS in Dota 2.

3. The charger provided uses the US prongs. Be sure to have an adapter ready. I have a tiny adapter attached to the charger at all times, no biggie.
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