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Reviewed in Singapore on 9 January 2022
There is no disputing that each time you flip up the trash-bin lid the lovely scent makes you smile. However, I have to deduct two stars for the Glad claim, "DRAWSTRING TRASH BAG: The drawstring closure ensures a tight grip on trash cans and makes for a simple removal with a quick cinch of the durable drawstring".

Perhaps I'm missing the how-to on getting the bag to secure around the lip of the trash bin. I cannot see how the drawstring is an advantage in staying securely around the container. When you pull the string it just withdraws or lays slack. I'll wait for any feedback on how this is supposed to work. I can't figure it out. Sure, you can sinch the entire bag together once you remove it and get ready to throw it out but, prior to that I just don't see it.
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