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Reviewed in Singapore on 13 June 2021
I felt the need to write this review because the top reviews for this book are negative and I respectfully disagree as I find this book quite valuable as former statistical decision-maker in institutional investments (hard facts treasured over all) as well as a product decision-maker in a bank (client centric soft factors essential too).

Agreeing with other reviewers, this book does start off fairly slow (as it is meant to be holistic) but it does recommend the practice oriented reader to jump to the solution-ing part of the book if they are already convinced of the issues that "noise" (i.e. large variability between expert decision makers despite similar facts) causes in institutional decision making such as Judicial judgment, insurance underwriting, asset valuation, etc.

I would go so far as to recommend the practice-oriented institutional decision maker go to the last chapter "review & conclusion" and start from there because it will allow you to pick and choose items of strategic interest since some of the solutions suggested may already be familiar to you depending on your background (E.g. Managers who invest in applied psychological research for judiciaries, investment analysis, etc).

Personally, I found it useful to compare notes with these veteran researchers in decision making to ensure our methodologies were sound and also enjoyed their step-by-step approaches to implement organisation-level protocols (i.e. to affect all individual judgment makers in an organisation) to both detect and minimise the interference of "noise" in high-risk/ high-impact decision making. This then allows the reader to better figure out what methods need to be added to their standard operating procedures to improve.

All the best, and I hope this review helped.


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