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27 December 2019
I very much appreciate that finally, Kindle becomes available for shipping to Singapore. And to freely buy the Kindle books without having to go through the “workarounds” is to live for -- only the Kindle readers from here truly understand. :)

About the shipping, I ordered it online from on 15 Dec and received it on 23 Dec which was 5 days earlier than the estimated delivery date. Since it was the Christmas season, I thought there would be some delays but Christmas came early that day. I am happy with the quick delivery and bought it at a promotional price as well.

With regard to setting it up and connecting to the WIFI, I noticed that it can only connect to a 2.4GHz wireless frequency. I am not sure if this is mentioned in the User’s Guide, but if not, I think this information should be taken note of as well. This is because I thought my reader was defective when I tried to connect it to the 5GHz frequency - if I remember it right, the error was incorrect password but actually was not. I also tried to tether my phone to Kindle but I hadn’t had a chance to make it work yet. So for now, I need to connect to my home’s WIFI to update the library.

Reading books from the Kindle app my iPhone vs Kindle are different experiences in itself. With the Kindle app, it feels like I am reading from a glossy page; I can see the colors of photos but there is also a glare that I have to bear with. With Kindle, pages look matte which is like the screen of the Magic Writer (kid’s toy where you can write on then erase with the magnetic glider) but I can read the text even under direct sunlight. So for me, there is some getting used to when I started reading from a Kindle.

Lastly, I bought the Kindle to make my commute worthwhile. Now, I can read anytime, anywhere without the weight :)

Happy reading!
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