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2 May 2020
This shampoo bar smells amazing. But that’s the only good thing. I rarely leave reviews but I have to, just for this product.

It’s my first time switching to a shampoo bar, and boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise. This takes some work to lather, so I used a foaming net. Problem solved. After working it through your scalp, you’re pretty much done cuz the rest of your hair gets matted together ( I have hair down to my boobs). I tried combing my hair before showers, didn’t work- the main body of hair remains one big tangled mess.

Combing through hair is another issue, brush gets stuck after the crown, and hair gets pulled out. I was able to bun my hair up properly for the first time in my life but that’s only because it has never been so greasy and waxy.

It is fascinating to watch the soap wax build up on my brush- at first I thought it was ‘residue’ from all the other hair care products I was using previously. Nope. Just soap build-up.

I used this bar all the way to the very end, took me a month. Thought I’d get thru the ‘transition’ phase they mentioned. I definitely didn’t. Just used JR Ligett’s soap for the first time tonight- hair is back to normal, and even softer than before.
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