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About Product Recalls

The Product Safety Team at Amazon SG works to protect Amazon customers from risks of injury associated with products offered on Amazon by looking into and taking action on reported safety complaints and incidents.

Product Safety

Amazon SG monitors the products sold on our website and mobile apps for product safety concerns. In concerning situations, we may remove the product from our selection, reach out to suppliers and manufacturers for additional information, place relevant warnings on the product detail page, or take other actions depending on the situation.

We may also report product safety concerns to applicable government agencies in order to bolster their safety data and help facilitate any necessary recalls.

Certain consumer electronics and household appliances that are controlled by Singapore's consumer safety authority must be registered and individually marked with the SAFETY Mark before being sold in Singapore, and Amazon SG requires our suppliers based in Singapore to comply with these requirements. Additional information about this product registration scheme, including a searchable list of registered products, is available on the Enterprise Singapore site.

Product Safety Alerts and Recalls

Amazon SG monitors government agency websites and also learns of safety issues and recalls directly from suppliers and manufacturers. When we learn of a safety issue or recall, we assess the risk to our customers and take appropriate action. This may include temporarily or permanently removing impacted product offerings from our selection, reaching out to customers who previously purchased impacted products to inform them about the issue, and working with suppliers and manufacturers to identify and correct root causes.

If you have a specific question regarding a product safety issue or recall, please contact the product manufacturer directly. If the manufacturer can't be reached, please contact the seller of the item. For Amazon-owned brands (such as AmazonBasics, Kindle, and Pinzon), please contact Amazon Customer Service.

For information on some of our current and past recalls, please see the following external sites:

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