About Delivery Preferences

You may have the option to choose to either group your items into as few deliveries as possible or have each item dispatched as it becomes available

You may be able to change your delivery preferences in Your Orders after placing an order as long as the order hasn't entered the delivery process. Where available, you can choose from the following delivery preferences:

  • Group My Items Into As Few Deliveries As Possible

    Your order will be grouped into the fewest number of deliveries possible. This may mean that it will take longer to be dispatched, depending on availability, but there will only be one per-delivery charge. Please be aware that items whose availability is listed as 'Not Yet Released' or 'Back Ordered' can potentially delay deliveries with this option.

  • I want my items sooner. Ship them as soon as they become available (at additional cost)

    Your items are dispatched as they become available, beginning with those already in stock. You should choose this option if you want to receive your order quickly and the delivery may be delayed by the availability of a single item, for example. However, we'll charge you for the delivery of each item at the rates quoted to you at the time you placed your order.

The number of deliveries we make for your order depends on:

  • Our fulfilment network

    If your order has unrelated items such as a book, a computer and a cordless drill, they may be dispatched separately, depending on where in our fulfilment network they're located.

    Note: You won't be charged more for delivery than was originally quoted to you at the time you placed your order.

Saturday Deliveries: You have the option of selecting whether you would like to receive deliveries on Saturdays for a given address. To learn how to update your delivery preferences for an address, follow the instructions on our help page: Add & Manage Addresses.

Unattended Deliveries: Unattended delivery is available for most items sold on Amazon.sg, and is selected by default. You can update your unattended delivery preferences on the Select a delivery address page during checkout, while placing an order:

  1. On the Select a delivery address page, click the Edit button corresponding to the preferred delivery address for your order.
  2. Perform one of the following actions depending on your preference:
    • To opt out of unattended delivery: De-select the I authorise the carrier to leave the package when there's no one present at this address checkbox.
    • To opt for unattended delivery: Select the I authorise the carrier to leave the package when there's no one present at this address checkbox.
  3. Click the Deliver to this address button
For orders where the unattended delivery preference is selected, at the time of delivery, the delivery associate will check whether anyone is present to collect the delivery. If no one present, the package will be delivered at a safe location within the premises. You will also receive an email or SMS notification once the order has been delivered.

For orders where the unattended delivery preference is not selected and no one is present to collect the delivery, the carrier will re-attempt delivery on the next business day.


  • For all deliveries that are sent with unattended delivery, you consent to your order being left in a safe place.
  • Please note that some orders won't be eligible for unattended delivery.
  • Packages that require age verification or signature at the time of delivery, will continue to be delivered via attended delivery. Visit our help page, Sign for an Order, for more details.
  • While our goal is to honour your preferences whenever possible, we can't guarantee that our carriers will be able to meet these instructions under all circumstances.

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