Return Shipping Options Guidelines

You can return your package using Your Orders When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item, or reason for return. A refund will be issued in accordance with refund policy, once we receive the item(s) or after the seller notifies us of receipt of return, as the case may be.

Return Pickup:

The Returns Support Centre offers you the option to have your item collected/picked up, rather than you having to post it. You will be able to choose from several time windows so that the return can be collected at your convenience (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening).

Note: It is not possible to request a very specific collection time (e.g. 4.00 pm).

Amazon will collect the item(s) that you would like to return up to 6.00 pm, as long as an adult is available at the collection address to hand over the package. Amazon will not accept packages left in safe locations. If your collection address is non-residential or an apartment complex, your package will need to be left at a reception area.


  • If you miss a collection/pickup, you will need to coordinate with the carrier and reschedule your collection.
  • To ensure successful return pickup, return the item in its original condition with the brand's/manufacturer's box, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein.
  • A return will not be processed if the carrier has to cancel the pickup owing to a missing or damaged item (caused while in your possession) or its accessories.

Return Drop-off

Drop-offs are offered by our carrier partner Ninja Van. When this option is displayed during the returns process, below it you will see a link to the Drop Off Locator. Click the link and identify a location in your area for you to drop off your return.

To return an item using a Drop Off location:

  1. Generate your Ninja Van Drop Off return label from the Returns Support Centre (see ‘How do I return an item?’ on the ‘About Returns and Refunds’ help page). During the returns process and on your return label, you will see a link to the Drop-off Locator where you can enter your postal code to view the eligible Drop Off locations in that area.
  2. Package your return, making sure that the package does not exceed the maximum weight of 5 kilograms and maximum dimensions (length + 2 * (width + height)) of 100 centimetres.
  3. Print the return authorisation (displayed with the delivery label) and include it in the package.
  4. Print your return label and fix it to the outside of the package.
  5. Take the package and drop it off at an eligible location of your choice.


  • You can drop off your return package at an eligible Ninja Van Drop Off location. Please check the Ninja Van website to determine the accurate opening and closing hours for the drop-off location you have selected to ensure that you can return your package when you need to.
  • For return packages dropped off at eligible locations, you will receive a drop-off confirmation email once the package is processed.
  • If the Drop Off location cannot scan the barcode on the label, they have the option to manually enter the Tracking Number displayed on the return label into their system. If the Tracking Number on the return label is also not readable, you may be asked to reprint your return label and attach it to the package to complete your return.
  • is not responsible for any personal items or items not related to the return left at the Drop Off location.
  • You can choose to return an item to a Drop Off location only if the Returns Support Centre displays the option and generates a Drop Off return label for you. If the Returns Support Centre does not display the option for you to return your item via a Drop Off location, please select an alternative return method from the options displayed.

Note: If the returned product contains hazardous material, the system will provide a Hazmat label. Please print that and paste it on the return package.


If the option to return your item using a prepaid option is not available for your return, you can send the item to us yourself with the address label provided, using any carrier that is convenient for you. You can generate the self-ship return label from the Returns Support Centre (see ‘How do I return an item?’ on the ‘About Returns and Refunds’ help page). We recommend that you use a trackable delivery service. Please retain any tracking information given to you by the carrier. If you send the item to us on your own and the reason for return is the result of an Amazon error or, if we have agreed to bear the return dispatch costs (for example, in the case of Free Returns), your refund will automatically include up to S$5 in return dispatch fees.

You will need the following return documentation for return delivery:

Put the return authorisation inside your package, attach the label to the outside and send the item to us on your own with any carrier that is convenient for you.

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