Release Date Delivery

When you pre-order eligible items before the cut-off date and choose One Day Delivery to an eligible area, we will dispatch the item before the release day, with the intention that you get it on the release day.

Wondering where your stuff is? Track your package and more in Your Orders.

What items get Release Date Delivery?

Release Date Delivery is available for items that ask 'Want it delivered the day that it is released?' on the product detail page. Items that do not display this message on the product detail page are not eligible. The message will stop displaying when it is too late to get it by the release date.

What areas are Release Date Delivery available to?

Release Day Delivery is available to eligible areas by One Day Delivery, as long as the order is placed by the pre-order cut-off date.

Choose One Day Delivery to get it by the release date.

What does it cost?

Prime Members

Non-Prime Members

Members get FREE ONE DAY It depends on the item, but you'll need to pay S$1.99 for One Day Delivery to get it on Release Day.

Delays and tracking your order

If the release day has passed and your order has not arrived, track your order.

Some carriers make deliveries to residential addresses up to 9 PM, so your package may still be on its way. Unfortunately though, sometimes unforeseen delays can occur when we are delivering your order.

Things that you should know about payments

We take payments when we dispatch your items. If you are pre-ordering ahead, it is worth checking your expiry date to make sure that your card will be valid when we are dispatching your item.

What if the release date changes?

We will notify you of this change by email. You will still be eligible to get it on the new release date.

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