About Public Activity and Information

Your public activity on Amazon includes your contributions to Customer Reviews. On your public profile page, you can share information about yourself to help others learn more about you.

You can provide a public name, upload a profile picture, provide contact information such as a public email address, and share information about yourself, such as a bio, a personal website, and your location.

Your public activity is associated with your public name and is visible on your public profile page and elsewhere on Amazon, such as the customer reviews section on the product detail page.

You're asked to pick a Public Name the very first time you participate in the community and you can always change it later on your public profile page. Your Public Name appears next to any Customer Reviews or Customer Images posted by you. You have the option of using your real-world name or a pseudonym.


  • Your browse and purchase history are never considered public activity.
  • Your profile picture and information are public, meaning that anyone visiting your profile will be able to see them. They are optional to provide and can always be deleted. The email you submit on your profile will not overwrite the email address associated with your Amazon customer account. It will only be leveraged by other customers to contact you directly.

For details, instructions and policy information related to editing your Profile, go to Edit Your Profile.

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