Submission of Business Proposals

Please read the following before you submit any business proposal to Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited and any of its affiliates

We are required to inform you of the following Statement of Company Policy to you:

  1. does not accept creative ideas, proposals, concepts, suggestions or materials (whether of a technical, business, financial or other nature) other than those that we specifically request.
  2. While we are happy to review non-confidential ideas and proposals that are sent to us, we generally do not become involved in business opportunities proposed by individuals unless we have contacted them first.
  3. Although we would like to enthusiastically embrace every idea proposed to us, regretfully, our investment strategy and internal objectives do not allow us to do so.
  4. does not accept any legal obligation (whether of confidentiality, compensation, return or otherwise) with respect to any ideas, proposals, concepts, suggestions or materials submitted to us unless we agree to such obligations in a signed document.
  5. We specifically reserve the right to implement similar ideas in the future without restriction or obligation.

If you acknowledge and agree with the statement of company policy described above, feel free to submit your business proposal via the following corporate address:

Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Attention: <please insert appropriate department>

One George Street

1 George St

Singapore 049145

We will contact you if we would like further information.

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