About Recommendations

We examine the items you've purchased, items you've told us you own, items you've rated, and items you've told us you like. Based on those interests, we make recommendations.

We compare your activity on our site with that of other customers, and using this comparison, are able to recommend other items that may interest you in Your Amazon.sg store.

Your recommendations change regularly based on a number of factors, including when you purchase, rate or like a new item, as well as changes in the interests of other customers like you. Because your recommendations will fluctuate, we suggest you add items that interest you to your List or Shopping Basket.

Note: You may still occasionally be recommended titles that you've purchased from Amazon.sg. If this happens, it's likely that we're recommending an edition different from the one you purchased (e.g., paperback, hardcover, audio cassette). We generally screen out other editions from Your Recommendations, but a few titles may get past our filters. You can click Not interested next to the new edition and we'll stop recommending the item to you.

Improve Your Recommendations

You can refine your recommendations by rating items or adjusting your collection ratings. To rate or update a product rating:

  1. Go to Improve Your Recommendations or click Fix this next to recommended items on most product home.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To rate or update a product rating:
      1. Choose a rating of 1-5 stars or chose to leave the product unrated. The ratings you submit are private and are never shared with other Amazon.sg customers, nor does it affect the average customer review for the item. These ratings are used solely by our recommendations service to provide you the most accurate recommendations possible.
    • To exclude certain purchases from being considered in your Recommendations:
      1. Select Don't use for recommendations next to the purchased item.

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