Quick and Easy
Select PayNow as your payment method at checkout and pay with a QR code.
No Cards Necessary
Pay without a debit or credit card. No need to share or save your account information on
Safe and Secure
Authorise each payment and transact securely through your preferred bank’s mobile application.

How to pay?

1. Select PayNow as your payment method at checkout.

2. Open your bank’s mobile application.

3. Upload or scan the QR code. This unique QR code is only valid for 60 minutes.

4. Verify the details and confirm payment.

Still have questions? We have answers

What is PayNow?
PayNow is an instant funds transfer service that is available to retail customers of participating banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions in Singapore. For more information on PayNow and a complete list of participating banks and institutions, please visit the external help page issued by the Association of Banks in Singapore here.
How do I use PayNow?
After you select PayNow as your payment method when placing your order, a unique QR code will be displayed. When shopping on a desktop, simply scan the QR code with your bank’s mobile application to complete the payment. When shopping on your mobile device, save the QR code to your phone’s photo gallery, open your bank’s mobile application and upload the QR code.
What is the maximum order amount if I use PayNow?
The maximum order amount you can pay for with PayNow is S$5,000. Please check with your bank to ensure your account is enabled for transactions up to S$5,000.
Can I use an Gift Card together with PayNow to make my purchase?
Yes, if you have an available Gift Card balance or Gift Card, you can select to use any amount up to the total available balance and pay the difference using PayNow.
What purchases can I make with PayNow?
You can use PayNow to pay for a variety of products sold by Amazon Singapore and third-party sellers on PayNow is not eligible for certain purchases, such as Amazon Fresh orders, Watsons orders, subscription services like Amazon Prime, and purchases over S$5,000. You will not be able to select PayNow at checkout for purchases or products that aren’t eligible.
Can I return or cancel my order that I purchased with PayNow?
Yes, you can initiate the return process with Amazon Singapore subject to Returns Policy.
If you still have questions about your order, including order status, shipping, or how to make a return, please visit PayNow help page.